Tragedy at Cattolica station (Rimini) where a person died after being hit by a transit train. The incident occurred around 12: unnecessary the intervention of 118 doctors who have ascertained the death. The Adriatic line has been closed in both directions to ascertain the causes of the accident: the trains have accumulated long delays, with serious inconveniences for travelers stranded on the convoy.

The approximately 500 passengers aboard the Frecciabianca 8814 Lecce-Milan that overwhelmed the woman remained stationary for almost 6 hours awaiting the authorization of the Procura to move it. The hypothesis of transshipment on another online train was considered, but it was not possible for reasons of safety. The passengers were then taken to the Rimini station and boarded a new convoy.

Passengers have complained about both the lack of assistance (no water and comfort supplies have been distributed) and the fact that the train has been switched off and the air conditioning switched off, so much so that many passengers have gone down the tracks to avoid the heat inside the train. "Given the lengthening of time and inconvenience, the full refund of the ticket will be arranged as a sign of attention by the company", says Trenitalia.



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