Mosaic of international shipments: what and how often do we send abroad?

More than 4 thousand. shipments per second – the speed at which the world lived in 2020. The data was defined by shipments from Pitney Bowes index, which envisages the sector expanding further and becoming increasingly important to society. How is Lithuania contributing to this figure?

A population survey commissioned by Omniva LT in the spring showed that 68 percent. Lithuanians in the last 6 months received at least one shipment. Even 36 percent. respondents sent their purchases from foreign countries. Also, according to the survey data, almost one in five Lithuanians (16%) has used the services of international parcels during the last six months. Most of the country’s residents sent food, beauty goods and clothes abroad.

We are used to receiving and sending more diverse goods

According to Justinas Pileckas, Omniva LT’s Chief Commercial Officer, the constantly growing supply of goods and convenient ways of their delivery determine that we actively buy from both Lithuanian and foreign stores. According to the survey, as many as 86 percent. recipients buy goods online in Lithuania, and as many as 57 percent. – because you buy from abroad.

“One of the main recent e. The growth factors of the retail sector are the significantly expanded consumer virtual shopping basket. Today, there are practically no more goods that can be purchased exclusively in physical stores. For example, the pandemic period in the country has accustomed consumers to buy online and pick up even non-perishable food at the post office, which was previously considered a commodity that we can only buy in grocery stores. Another significant change is that we are increasingly buying not only from Lithuania, but also from abroad. The tendency is mostly determined by a wide range, reliable and fast delivery of parcels and convenient pick-up closest to home, ”says J. Pileckas.

According to the company’s commercial manager, although the number of parcels received by Lithuanians has been increasing for several years, e. In the trade market, there are more and more signs of another trend – shipments that we send ourselves. Recently, the use of international parcel services has increased.

Shipments are sent every fifth

According to the survey, almost one in five Lithuanians (16%) sent a parcel abroad in the last six months. Looking in more detail, 2 percent. Lithuanian people send parcels to Latvia and Estonia and even 14 percent. – to other foreign countries. One of the most popular and convenient ways to send shipments abroad is through Omniva post offices.

“The flow of international shipments leaving Lithuania via Omniva post offices is growing. We anticipate that this number will only increase in the future. The latest survey showed that the majority of the Lithuanian population – even 90 percent. – sends shipments abroad to friends or relatives. On the other hand, as much as 19 percent. returns goods purchased online, and 16 percent. – sells and ships goods abroad through Etsy, eBay, Amazon and others. This shows that Lithuanians are getting used to seeing the international parcel service not only as a way to send gifts to relatives or friends, but also to return unreliable goods or start selling themselves. Today, these tendencies are more favorable than ever for local businesses, whose goods may be relevant to the foreign market, ”says Justinas Pileckas.

We usually send food abroad

The content of parcels sent by Lithuanians abroad is different: counting the cases when parcels were sent to non-Baltic countries, even half (51%) of the respondents sent perishable food or beauty goods (49%). Survey respondents also indicated that they often send clothing (40%), toys (30%) and electronics (20%).

According to the head of commerce of Omniva LT, in the future, shipments sent abroad will be filled with new product categories, and the general growth trend of international shipments is a very favorable time for Lithuanian businesses.

“Our goal is to be at the forefront of trends and change e. in the trade sector to prepare now. Therefore, at Omniva LT, we implement tools that both simplify the logistics of sending parcels to our customers, for example, allow them not to stand in queues and send parcels at any time of the day, as well as automate the order formation processes of online stores. Our activities aim to optimize the costs of transportation of goods and thus contribute to the growth of growing businesses and the entire Lithuanian economy. Today, we provide our customers not only with automatic machines, but also with innovative solutions – from intuitive self-service to a single tool for parcel formation and price and quality comparison. We hope that this will enable businesses operating in Lithuania to sell their goods to foreign markets faster, more conveniently and more often, ”concludes J. Pileckas.

Omniva LT operates the largest ATM network in Lithuania. It consists of 351 post machines, which together have more than 47 thousand. shipment compartments. The company also operates the first Lithuanian external return platform FLIPO, and last year introduced a new international parcel platform Omniva LT belongs to the Estonian Post, AB Eesti Post, which operates the largest ATM network in the Baltic States.

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