Moskotarrak awards the ‘Send Eggs 2022’ award to actress Itziar Ituño

IT HAPPENED last August (on the 25th of that month, to be precise with the calendar…), when Aste Nagusia was boiling in the pot of fun. It was then that the amusing bombardment took place, said to be in that same joking tone. Everything happened in the txosna del Arenal, where Moskotarrak Konpartsa settles his real estate. I’m talking about a unique contest, Send Eggs, with two decades of life, which consists of stamping an egg (due to the crisis this year the egs were replaced by water balloons) on the character that people consider most loved among the three shortlisted, which this year were the actress Itziar Ituñothe singer of Zea Mays, Aiora Renteria, and the boxer Kerman Lejarra. There were, let’s say it now, a total of 80 lobs that made Itziar, with 36, win against Kerman’s 25 and Aiora’s 19. It must be remembered that in previous years, in the Old Testament prior to the pandemic, this award went to popular people of the stature of Jose Angel Iribarjournalist Inaki Lopez, or the television Ramon Garcia and Carlos Sobera among many others.

Yesterday, in the temperate and warm autumn that we are experiencing today, the heralds of Moskotarrak (let’s put in this case Jabi Romanos and Iñigo Burgo….)invocaron a Itziar al hotel Indautxu, donde Martha Gomez He was preparing everything so that the award ceremony flowed and shined in the mid-afternoon. What was the prize? The granting of a porcelain Giant, the most precious asset of the konpartsa, handmade and exclusively for Moskotarrak by Loitz ceramics (Alex Gonzalez and Angela Azkona to the apparatus in the lathes and yesterday present at the celebration…), and the Moskotarrak katilu, which in the first parties, back in 1978, was the way to drink beautifully in the txosnas during Aste Nagusia.

Itziar’s smile did not fade all afternoon. She arrived at the hotel accompanied by the also actor Asier Wall. They were received by the Moskotarrak trinity, formed by the president of the konpartsa, Gloria Prietoand the two insurmountable guardian angels, Jose Mari Lovers and Luis Angel Castresana, purebred Moskotarrenses. they were waiting for you Sendoa Alonso, Nahia Mebra, Cruze Aurrekoetxea, Juan Alonso, María José Alonso and Resu Alonsor, with the little Izai Alonso, people close to the celebration. They were not the only ones. They did the same Julio Conde, Begoña Pereda and the young Ibai Conde. Everything was greetings, congratulations and enjoy.

Did more people come? Of course yes. They did not miss the appointment Amancio Ortega (no, the one you are thinking of, no…), Asun Munoz, Javier Marin, Iñaki Pastora and Borja Etxebarria among others. Perhaps those who do not know this contest appreciate the explanation. What is send eggs? It was born through an ideas contest in Moskotarrak, where people send their proposals. The initial idea was to send those ideas to the City Council so that from there they could be carried out in subsequent editions of Aste Nagusia if necessary. Some of them (which I’m talking about today, without going any further…), due to their idiosyncrasy, remained in Moskotarrak’s DNA.

While those attending the delivery ceremony organized by Moskotarrak enjoyed the meeting, the news came from the shores of the Bay of Biscay, back in Romo. The Gure Etxea, the old tavern that Joseba Irusta picked up from the hands of his parents to turn it into one of the great restaurants in our area. Those who have tried the food served there speak a thousand and one wonders about the kitchen. And seeing the crowd that came yesterday to gloat over the reopening of the premises, one cannot but take it for granted: they cook like a fable and make friends of all kinds and conditions. As if the good tables united them.