Mosquitoes, what to do in case of a bite on newborns

We can frequently notice mosquito bites on very young children. Unfortunately adult products are not suitable

Mosquito bite (Pixabay)

The stings of mosquito, you know, they are a real nuisance and a major annoyance. Before dealing with the consequences of a sting, especially for individuals at an early age, it is good to deal with the causes and, in detail, how to minimize the risk of sting. The stings are related to the hot and humid climate especially in the evening and at night.

Therefore, some precautions can help; specifically it is useful not to stop near drinks or very sweet foods, avoiding perfumes and, more importantly, eliminate the containers filled with standing waterespecially if in shady areas, in the garden, in the courtyards or on the terraces where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

So here’s how to deal with baby bites

how to deal with stings on newborns
Zanzara (Photo Pixabay)

It happens very often that we notice that ours baby has a bad pomfo, which causes him tears and discomfort. Being with the antennas well erected, putting scrupulousness in the first place, in these cases is more than legitimate if not appropriate. Sometimes it is better to be overly scrupulous in this sense than to dismiss it as a whim.

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First of all we can certainly say that we can certainly protect our children by asking the pharmacist which product is most suitable for their age. THE adult products usually they are not suitable for newborns or to very young children. Certainly it is useful to disinfect the wound and immediately apply some ice on the wheal to immediately relieve it, and monitor the size and color of the redness. Basically the reactions in such a young organism can be amplified but the risk is invariably minimal.

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If worsening is observed, or other symptoms such as feverwhich is the real variable, it is recommended to consult the pediatrician immediately, because as we said earlier, a further scruple, an extra attention, can really make the difference for an effective and timely intervention.