Most important play of the year in MLB

How much can a single play influence an entire season of Big leagues? Well, not much certainly butooo from time to time something extraordinary happens like the grand slam of Giancarlo Stanton in Saturday’s Yankees vs. Red Sox game and “officially” the biggest singles play of the year in all of MLB.

Sábado 25-09 Yankees vs Red Sox (Grand Slam de Stanton):

Top of the eighth inning, Stanton jumps to the Red Sox batter’s box 2-1, bases loaded. Stanton homered at Fenway Park, giving the Yankees the decisive 5-2 lead and second in the series.

According to Baseball Reference that hit of Stanton It increased in .81% chance for the Yankees to win the World Series.

The metric used to measure it has been the cWPA (Championship Win Probability Added), something like the “added championship probabilities” and it must be understood that it is a calculation that involves the TOTAL of the entire team throughout the season.

So to give us an idea of ​​the importance of Stanton’s hit, no other individual play this year has even been measurable within this label.

Now, for this to have happened, several things have had to be combined:

  1. The fact that Yankees y Red Sox they were fighting the American wild card
  2. The series date (so close to the end of the season)
  3. The definitive of the Grand Slam in the game and the series
  4. And until the hit has been in Fenway Park (+ value for being a visitor and for having defeated the famous “Green Monster”).
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And nothing, if you are not such a fan of numbers it does not matter, here we leave you the hit of Stanton for you to enjoy: