Most Latvians plan to invest their travel money in home improvement – Repair – House

Half of Latvians plan to implement changes in their housing this summer. This year, most respondents plan to renovate a kitchen, living room or bathroom. Almost every second person (44%) who intends to improve something in their home this summer plans to allocate a similar amount of money to it as last year. Almost 60% of respondents are ready to use more than € 400, but about a sixth (15%) – from € 201 to € 300.

For comparison, last year 9% of respondents said that they intended to spend about 201-300 € for interior changes, but 32% of the population – at least 500 €.

“Although during the national restrictions, most Latvians made some interior improvements to their homes, such as tidying up forgotten shelves or carrying out major or minor repairs, another very active summer is expected in this regard. The results of the survey show that this year the amount of money allocated for home improvement will be similar to what people were willing to spend last year, and priority will be given to all daily important housing. Observing the habits of buyers, it can be concluded that many homes are planning to make repairs – there is an increased demand for interior design services throughout the home or in specific premises. Recently, digital kitchen equipment and cabinet planners have also been used more often, ”reveals Pēteris Grīnbergs, the head of IKEA Latvia. He says that this spring in Latvia there is a great demand for kitchen equipment, bedroom furniture and decorative interior items. Office furniture is also still relevant.

The results of the survey show that the largest purchases planned for this year are furniture and new household appliances (29% and 24%, respectively).

When asked what the second summer with restrictions is expected, 42% of respondents expect the restrictions to be about the same as last year, while 40% of respondents expect the restrictions to be stricter.

As in the previous year, more than half of the respondents plan to spend their holidays at home. More than a quarter of the respondents (28%) are going to relax in a summer house or garden house, 11% – in a campsite, guest house or hotel here in Latvia, but 16% of the respondents plan to go abroad.

Many say they would change their vacation plans if they had the opportunity to be vaccinated. More than a third of those interviewed would like to travel if they had developed immunity to the virus. Traveling is likely to be a favorite vacation time, even when restrictions are over.

“It can be seen that this year, buyers’ summer plans are mainly related to staying at home. It seems that those who have access to their outdoor space have rediscovered its potential – there is a great demand for outdoor furniture. Survey data show that 43% of respondents plan to renovate a summer house or their holiday home this year. More than half of the respondents are ready to allocate more than 400 € for housing changes, ”says P. Grīnbergs.

When asked how household spending could change after the restrictions were lifted, the majority of respondents (46%) said that the money would be used first for travel abroad, 33% would spend their free money on home improvement, 31% – more money would be spent on entertainment, and 28% – clothing.

The study was commissioned by IKEA in March 2021 by the research company Norstat. 500 Latvian residents participated in the study.