Most of the reservoirs on the island continue to decline due to lack of rain

The Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) reported on Tuesday that nine of the 11 reservoirs on the island had a decrease in their level from yesterday to today.

Most of the reservoirs that have their supplies compromised are in the eastern area, where there has been no abundant rain in the past weeks.

Regarding the rain activity, the meteorologist of the National Meteorological Service Fernanda Ramos pointed out to The new day that from today until Friday there will be precipitation, but there is much uncertainty about the possibility that part of these downpours will benefit, for example, the Carraízo reservoir.

“Today we will be observing rains due to the combination of a weak tropical wave and a trough at high levels, but although the Carraízo basin could receive rains, these downpours will be temporary because the wind blows fast and therefore they should not generate large accumulations”, explained the expert.

He anticipated that between tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday another tropical wave will approach, but it cannot be anticipated, for sure, what will be the impact of the humidity that the disturbance brings on most of the reservoirs in the eastern and eastern zones- inside.

The range of declining reservoir levels fluctuated from one centimeter to 3.38 meters of water. This last descent corresponds to the Cerrillos reservoir, which serves the municipalities of Ponce and Peñuelas, whose level is in the observation phase.

The reservoirs in the worst state are Carraízo (37.21 meters) that is one centimeter from entering the control level and Cidra (401.02 meters) that is two centimeters from entering a level of operational adjustments.

A service interruption plan has already been announced for Carraízo that will begin this Thursday, for 24-hour periods, for more than 140,000 subscribers between the towns of San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Carolina and Canóvanas. Meanwhile, the rest of the reservoirs remain under the supervision of the AAA and with internal operational adjustments that do not affect the water service.

The only reservoir that increased its level was Guajataca, which accumulates 193.66 meters and could reach safety today, as long as it receives a good amount of water due to the rains that were forecast for this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Caonillas reservoir, in Utuado, did not increase or decrease its level, so it remains at 251.80 meters. This reservoir does not supply any AAA subscriber, but its waters are used for the production of electrical energy in the Caonillas I Power Plant and then go to Dos Bocas Lake, according to the public corporation.

The rest of the reservoirs at observation level are Patillas, Toa Vaca and Carite, which today accumulate 61.77, 147.54 and 541.82 meters, respectively.


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