Most popular cell phone colors and what they say about the people who choose them

mayo 10, 2022

The ease of socializing and the place of birth are some of the factors that influence the choice of the most popular colors in cell phones. Psychology, marketing and aesthetics converge in the choice of color, among other factors that lead people to favor one hue over another. Mobile device manufacturers have not escaped this interesting dynamic.

As is known, the first cell phones privileged functionality over design, but over time some manufacturers risked coloring the body of their devices. This trend led to offering interchangeable covers of different colors, even with different themes that allowed a broader degree of customization, which was not always aesthetically pleasing.

The emergence of smartphones generated a momentary return to sobriety with colors such as white, black and sometimes gray, which was maintained for a while until manufacturers once again sought to offer variety. Although cell phone cases are a way to personalize devices, some companies like realme intend to go further.

“In addition to being a useful tool for everyday life, smartphones have become part of people’s identity, their style and form of expression, so the realme Design Studio came to the industry to offer not only technology of avant-garde, but an impressive design with effects and colors never seen before”, assures David Gutiérrez, Senior PR manager for realme.

What factors affect when choosing the color for a cell phone?

According to a study conducted by Gillian C. Rose, interior designer, color researcher, and founder of The Science of Color, the way people select a given color is related to the vibration it conveys, to a memory links it or with a personality trait.

For example, extroverted people tend to select more vibrant and striking colors, because they seek more stimulation from their surroundings, while those who are a little more reserved prefer cool or neutral colors. The place of origin of the person also influences, since culturally it can change the meaning of colors, an example is white, which is normally related to purity or peace, but which for some communities is identified with mourning.

Color psychology, through a test such as Lüscher’s, associates acceptance, liking or rejection of certain shades with characteristics or personality traits. Marketing also takes advantage of this to generate certain types of responses or behaviors in people. Considering some of the most popular colors on realme devices, some connotations are shared by choosing each of these colors:

amazing blue

This color is commonly identified with harmony, balance, and inner peace, and often has a calming effect on the central nervous system. According to the Lüscher test, those who show a predilection for these types of tones usually give priority to the search for balance in their lives.

realme has incorporated this color in several of its devices, such as the 9 Pro + which has the sunrise blue version in which it presents the first photochromic design of realme. This allows the back cover of the device to completely fade from blue to red in just 3 seconds under sunlight.

Shining green

This color is associated with nature, hope and serenity. Choosing this shade for a mobile device can represent determination and also stimulates harmony in the brain. The realme C35, recently launched in the country, has a bright green version. This one incorporates a right-angled bezel made of 2D material that gives it a futuristic and elegant touch at the same time.

Black that stands out

Although technically it is not a color but its absence, it can be considered as a tone associated with power, authority, stability, confidence and strength, which can be commonly found in different cell phone models, including the C35.

Some companies such as realme have added additional effects that generate a unique differentiation, an example is the realme 9i, which with its prism black version, which generates the sensation of light in movement, presenting a dynamic effect of three-dimensional light and shadow transformation. .

Although color is not the only feature that is considered when selecting a device, and could be seen as secondary, companies like realme have seen it as an opportunity to innovate and continue to set trends with their bold and bold designs.

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