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The Russians in Western Europe mainly opposed the amendments to the Constitution – for example, in London and Prague over 80% of voters voted against them. But the citizens of the Russian Federation located in the CIS supported the changes

Photo: Ilya Dmitryachev / TASS

Photo: Ilya Dmitryachev / TASS

Most of the Russians who are abroad and took part in the plebiscite approved amendments to the Constitution of Russia – 68.7% voted for them, 30.64% voted against, follows from the data published by the CEC. In total, 151 761 citizens of the Russian Federation took part in the voting abroad. More than 1.9 thousand ballots were spoiled by the voting participants.

Russians in European countries voted mostly against constitutional amendments. For example, in Germany, where six polling stations were opened, more than 7.5 thousand people took part in the voting. 57.2% of them voted against the amendments, 42.6% voted in favor. 2228 people voted in the precinct organized at the Embassy in London; against – 80.49%, 19.33% supported the amendments. In Paris, 1873 people came to the site; 66.45% opposed the amendments, 33.39% voted in favor. 511 people voted at the polling station in the embassy in Warsaw: 43.33% for amendments, 56.27% against. In Prague, 2835 ballot papers were issued; 82% did not support the amendments.

At the same time, Russians living in Estonia overwhelmingly voted for the changes. Of the more than 4,245 people in Tallinn, 3,650 (85.98%) supported the amendments, while in Narva, where 3,281 people came to the polling station, 3,097 (94.39%) voted in favor.

In Riga, 977 people came to the station at the embassy; 16.79% voted against the amendments, 82.91% voted in favor.

In the US, the situation in the plots varies. At the embassy in the capital, 675 people voted. The majority (58.52%, or 395 people) supported the changes, 275 (40.74%) voted against. In New York, the majority (62%) of the 816 who voted opposed the amendments, 38% supported them. Also, they voted against the amendments in another polling station in the USA, in Houston: there 59% were against, 41% in favor (201 people voted in total).


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