Mother and sister Britney Spears harassed online | gossip

The reactions to some posts can still be read and it appears that some Britney fans resent her sister and mother that Britney is still under her father’s supervision. They feel that Jamie Lynn and Lynne have done too little for the 39-year-old pop star and even suggest that they have stolen money from her. They also get various curses thrown at them.

Britney said for the first time on Wednesday that she wants to get rid of her father Jamie’s trusteeship. During a hearing, the singer told the judge, among other things, that she feels “a slave” to her father.

The singer also announced that she wanted to complain to her family, without naming names. “The people who did this to me shouldn’t get away with this,” the singer said.

Jamie Lynn and mother Lynne have yet to comment on Britney’s story.