Mother-in-law does not drink toast!The wife of the deputy mayor slapped her slap in the face of “splashing water on the face”

(Picture/Review from Weibo/Beijing News, Xiaoyang Video)

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Huang Jizong, the former executive deputy mayor of Pingliang, Gansu Province, has a wealth of wealth and extravagant life. His wife, Yu Gaixiang, is even more arrogant and domineering. Pouring water on her mother-in-law’s head in front of her husband. Now Huang Jizong has been investigated and investigated by the Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and detention for suspected serious violations of discipline and law, and Yu Gai’s aroma has been extinguished a lot.

According to a report by the China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News, Huang Jizong was unsuccessful in the 2006 election. “I was ranked relatively high during the inspection, but I was not promoted after the organization considered it. I felt very frustrated.” The couple will lose the election. Blame it for not giving money or gifts. From then on, I was thinking about doing business and making money. Yu Gaixiang said, “Since then, my thinking has changed. People with no money are so pitiful, and people without money are so pitiful.”

After Huang Jizong became the deputy mayor of Qingyang City, he began to treat his power as clearly marked “commodities” and intervened in the contracting of engineering projects. After investigation, Huang Jizong used the convenience of his position to seek benefits for others in terms of project contracting and coordinating related procedures. He has received more than 18 million yuan (about NT$78.02 million) from 45 merchants on 89 occasions.

After his wife Yu Gaixiang had money, she believed that she had contributed a lot to the family, and her domineering side gradually appeared. In order to achieve her goal, she often called Huang Jizong to theory in the middle of the night. When he goes to work, he is not allowed to answer phone calls from his unit. Not only that, Yu Gaixiang opened his mouth to scold Huang Jizong’s brothers and sisters, the driver, and the boss around him. When he was not addicted to the curse, he started beating people again. If he didn’t agree, he slapped Huang Jizong regardless of location. Hit and kick, kick and kick.

Yu Gaixiang was not filial and disrespectful to her in-laws. One time, she went to visit her in-laws with Huang Jizong. When they arrived, they found that there was no place to park in front of the courtyard. Drinking the wine she toasted, in a rage, she poured a glass of water on her mother-in-law in front of Huang Jizong, and everyone was dumbfounded by her behavior.

Huang Jizong served as deputy mayor of Qingyang City, member of the Standing Committee of the Pingliang Municipal Committee of Gansu Province, and executive deputy mayor. In May 2020, after deliberations by the Gansu Provincial Disciplinary Committee Standing Committee Meeting and the Provincial Supervision Committee Executive Meeting and reported to the Gansu Provincial Party Committee for approval, it was decided to expel Huang Jizong from the party, expelled from public office, and collect his disciplinary and illegal income. In September 2020, the Intermediate People’s Court of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province publicly tried the case of Huang Jizong’s bribery in the first instance and announced that it would choose a fixed date for sentence.



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