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Mother is proud of her sign language for her baby, until a deaf woman notices her hilarious mistakes

Children have an incredible learning ability, so it makes sense that they start early. This is especially true for languages; what would be a hellish battle for an adult would be so much easier for a baby and their spongy brain.

Image credits: Alena Ozerova (not the actual photo)

This mother, who placed on the subreddit r / tifu (Today I F **** d Up), described her experience teaching a small sign language to her baby, inspired by the & # 39; Pinterest mothers & # 39; from a local parenting group.

"I go every week with my daughter to this" mom and me "thing & # 39 ;, she wrote." Not because it is my thing, but because my mother-in-law's membership a year as a & # 39 Christmas gift & # 39; paid to my one-year-old (AKA, she does not think that I am her grandchild enough this was her way of passively-aggressively correcting my upbringing). "

"Anyway, we're going to this thing every week for a week and all Pinterest mothers are planning birthday parties and discussing screen time and sharing gluten-free recipes while their kids are staring at each other, but all of these kids know sign language and I thought that was cool, so I'm starting to investigate this and try to teach my child some basic signs for basic needs, and it works! Suddenly my little person knows who else could not communicate effectively with me, & # 39; more & # 39 ; and & # 39; getting ready & # 39; & & # 39; drinking & # 39 ;! She can call me mom and my husband, porridge! Holy s ** t! Thanks, Pinterest mothers! I take back everything I you said to my child on our weekly trips home. & # 39;

"Well today with my husband out of town, I did not feel as much as cooking and because my daughter is pretty relaxed in restaurants, I decided to go out to eat." The child loves fries and I do so too. and I order a beer, a hamburger with fries and a fruit fruit.The server brings a styrofoam pot with a lid and a straw full of water for my daughter, and I have put it out of her reach, so she does not crush the flask and It makes a mess, so every time she wants something, she of course signs & # 39; drink & # 39; and every time she wants my attention, she signs "daddy" because apparently it is not a different sign for "mother" it's so nice for her, OK whatever. "

"Well, I see a few tables down, there are a few women who are drawing for each other, but they look at us and snicker. I'm okay, I liked 4 quick google searches, maybe I did part of what I taught her. It is well. But when the women leave, they stop at our table and one of them puts down her iPhone with a message that I've typed to read. It says something in the sense of "she calls you stupid and tells you she wants to drink alcohol".

"I am like … wait … what? So she keeps showing me that I have taught my daughter the wrong signs, that there are different signs for" drinking (non-alcoholic drink) "and" drinking alcohol "and by throwing her in exile first instead of using a flat hand on my forehead, my daughter called me stupid rather than daddy, who was clearly wrong since I was her mother, I can only imagine what the Pinterest -mothers would have done if I showed up next week with my child who wanted to drink. & # 39;

Image credits: WAYHOME studio (not the actual photo)

The funny story turned out to be a hit with other Reddit users, who went on to describe their own stories about the misunderstanding of children. Some people questioned the need to learn a baby's sign language, did she have problems with developing speech? "This happened 4 years ago when my now 5-year-old was 12 months old, she speaks English well, for all of you who were concerned about her development," she explained. "She is not deaf or dumb, she was only a child of 12 months old and knew what she wanted, but was at an age where the awareness of wishes / needs and development possibilities of verbal communication did not meet. Most baby & # 39; s chatter or even use a single word or two (usually mum or dada) on purpose within 6 months, but most 12 months old children can only say 1-3 words She knew she was thirsty and wanted to drink something, but could not say yet "Hey mom, please give me my cup." Sign language can be learned very quickly by children from 6 to 9 months old.This helps to break a language barrier and can really help to communicate immediately AKA less crying babies & # 39; s and more healthy parents Disclaimer: I am only a mother of two children, not a professional in child development! "

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