Mother locks child in car and goes drinking


19. June 2022 – 23:40 watch

Hard to believe, but true: In Düsseldorf, a mother locked her only three-year-old daughter in the car in the middle of the night so that she could go partying in the old town. The police freed the small child from his predicament, the mother only appeared after a long wait – drunk.

Dusseldorf: Police rescue girls (3) from the car in the old town

Around 3.15 a.m., several passers-by noticed a locked car on Neubrückstrasse in Düsseldorf’s old town. Inside the BMW: A three-year-old girl who cried and banged on the window to get attention.

The police officers who were informed smashed a window of the car and rescued the small child from the locked car. The mother was a long time coming: it was only half an hour later that she appeared at the car with a companion.

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The police carry out an alcohol test on the mother (23) – with a clear result

The police officers carried out an alcohol test on the mother – with a clear result: the examination by the officers revealed almost two per mille. The woman had apparently previously been traveling with the driver of the car in Düsseldorf’s old town.

The woman from Krefeld now has to face the consequences of her irresponsible actions: the police reported the case to the responsible youth welfare office. Luckily, the little girl survived the situation unscathed. (jda)