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MotoGP, Austin GP 2019. The editorial by Guido Meda: "Facts count and points count"

Facts count and points count. They usually go together. In this case instead facts and points go in different ways. Marquez seems to be the devourer of the World Cup, because objectively it is the fastest in the world, the most equipped, the bravest, the master of an era. But ahead of the World Cup is Dovizioso with a three-point advantage over Rossi, five over Rins and nine over Marquez. The Spanish phenomenon did it all by itself, slipping out of sheer greed on a track that has always been his, while it was easy on his mind. Too easy. The lesson weighs and weighs, but it will serve him. One like Marquez from mistakes learns, immediately.

His fall is a flash after which it is easy and beautiful to hope for Rossi, with a Yamaha that really seems to have grown and not a little, though Vinales with the same bike he continues to throw away opportunities on each other. But there is that perhaps, there to really tear Yamaha away from the role of third force, now the really has arrived Suzuki! On a track like Austin it is not trivial to pass Rossi as the young Rins did and it's even harder to keep it behind until you win. Rossi he is one who attacks up to the last meter, maybe he is wrong, but he always proposes himself, where and when he counts. It's his story, it's what makes him still the most successful and celebrated driver in circulation, the one who maybe the World Cup does not win by a tot, but you can never exclude it from the possibility of making it.

Marquez's catastrophe, which takes another race into the background nothing Lorenzo even regardless of the fault that excluded him, it is a manna that falls on Dovizioso, who putting himself of his own finds himself again first in the World Championship after a disastrous weekend, on a track unsuitable for Ducati on paper, but very suitable for the Ducatist Miller who gains the podium, he who was a light and discrete pilot and is now a mature man. In fact there is a big one Morbidelli fifth in the race, in the World Championship points a little less. In fact we start from Jerez, in points it is a bit like starting from scratch.



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