Motorcycle handlebar (35) injured in collision

An accident between a car and a motorcycle occurred in Winterthur Wülflingen ZH on Thursday. The motorcyclist was slightly injured.

Traffic accident with a motorcycle calls for a slightly injured man – Winterthur city police


On Thursday, shortly after 5 p.m., a 22-year-old Italian drove his car on Riedhofstrasse in Winterthur Wülflingen out of town and intended to turn left towards Salomon-Hirzel-Strasse. At the same time, a 35-year-old Swiss man approached from behind on his motorcycle.

The motorcycle driver realized too late that the passenger car was slowing down in front of him and the two vehicles collided, causing the motorcycle driver to fall.

Roads were closed due to the accident

He sustained minor injuries in the accident. The passenger car driver was not injured. The exact course of the accident is being clarified by the Winterthur city police.

A section of Riedhofstrasse and a lane of the unnamed connecting road from Salomon-Hirzel-Strasse in the direction of Riedhofstrasse had to be closed until around 7 p.m.