Motorcycle Reasons Don’t Drink Too High RON Gasoline

JAKARTA, – A viral video in cyberspace in which the owner of a Honda Beat motorbike pays a high price for filling gas because it uses Shell V-Power gasoline.

Apart from ignorance about the RON content of gasoline, many people think that the higher the octane rating of the fuel, the better the combustion in the engine.

This view is not wrong, but also not entirely correct. Because the most appropriate is to use the octane level of gasoline according to engine specifications.

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Endro Sutarno, Technical Service Division of PT Astra Honda Motor, said the most correct thing is to use gasoline with an octane rating recommended by the manufacturer.

For example, for motorbikes it is recommended to use gasoline with RON 90, preferably with RON 90 gasoline, do not use higher values ​​such as RON 92, RON 95 or RON 98.

“If the octane rating is too high, the fuel will not burn properly. Engine performance will be reduced, which obviously can cause emissions not as expected,” he said in a virtual discussion recently.

Wahyudin, Head of Mechanics of AHASS DAM, said the Research Octane Number or RON is an identification number for the comparison of the content between heptane and iso-octane.

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For example, fuel with RON 90 means that it has 90 percent iso-octane content and 10 percent heptane.

“Simply put, the higher the octane, the less exhaust emissions will be produced. However, it is adjusted to the engine design. Inappropriate use of fuel in the engine can result in stuttering, less power, or tickling,” Wahyu said to several times. last time.

If you use too low RON, then the engine performance seems to be stuck. Meanwhile, if the RON is too high it can make the engine tickle and the engine temperature will also increase.

“The tickling occurs because the combustion occurs early, not in accordance with the engine ignition,” said Wahyu.

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Dock. Shell Indonesia The process of building a Shell Modular gas station.

Tri Yuswidjadjanto Zaenuri, Energy Conversion Expert from the Faculty of Engineering and Aerospace, Bandung Institute of Technology, added that using high-octane gasoline in engines with low compression causes fuel dilution.

Fuel dilution is a mixture of oil and fuel. Makes the oil runny and changes color and aroma. Make the oil can not lubricate the engine perfectly.

“Oil that has been diluted is no longer able to form a film, so the oil is unable to protect the friction between components in the engine,” he said.

“Over time, components that are not properly lubricated can be damaged or even broken,” said Tri.

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