Motorists warned: Horror punishment for failing to insure

There are plenty of weeks left for those whose kgfb contract expires on 1 January and want to change insurers. They must give the termination of their current contract to their current company by midnight on 1 December at the latest and then conclude a new contract with the new insurer as soon as possible and by 31 December at the latest. Anyone who is happy with the offer they receive from their company has nothing to do.

After 2010, the anniversary of the contract is already tied to the date the car was purchased, but many were still “stuck” in the previous campaign period, when everyone could only change insurers in November.

Of the approximately 5.7 million kgfb contracts, more than 1 million are still affected, including 580,000 privately owned car operators.

For them, 10 of the 12 market participants have announced a new tariff from the beginning of next year. As in previous years, many discounts are still available, and discounts for retail customers have been further simplified. Taking into account all of these, the best insurance offer can be calculated on the MABISZ Award Navigator available on the association’s website.

The level of premiums for those involved in the current campaign will be significantly below the level of premiums for the entire fleet, as they are predominantly older than eleven years, privately owned cars. 88% of its operators are in category B10. Based on the experience of recent years, pretty much every tenth has become an insurer these days.

For those who, for some reason, do not have compulsory liability insurance coverage, it is worth studying the 2022 coverage coverage table valid last week. Compared to last year, charges have risen by an average of seven per cent, so in the case of passenger cars – depending on the vehicle category –

the operator must pay HUF 600-1290 for the days on which the vehicle did not have a valid compulsory motor third party liability insurance contract.

In the case of buses, the coverage fee is 900-5570 HUF, depending on the number of buses, and in the case of trucks it can reach up to 4560 HUF per day.

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At the time of concluding the contract, the insurers are obliged to make sure that the policyholder has fulfilled the obligation to pay premiums in the previous insurance periods. The law does not allow for the waiver of the default fee. The fact that the vehicle has not been used for a long time does not release you from the insurance obligation under the law. Those who do not use their vehicle for a long time and do not want to pay an insurance premium for this period can take advantage of the – temporary – withdrawal from the market. According to the latest data of the Ministry of the Interior, more than 84 thousand of the Hungarian vehicles taken into account without mopeds did not have a valid kgfb contract. Not only do they risk paying the unsecured fee, but if they are responsible for an accident, they will have to pay the damage of up to several million forints.

Compensation for the innocent victims of such accidents is paid from a separate Compensation Account managed by MABISZ, and the association is required by law to do so. it recovers the amount in question from the claimant under the so-called recourse procedure. As a result, approximately HUF 1 billion is paid into the Compensation Account every year, which MABISZ will use in full to compensate for damage caused by uninsured and unknown vehicles. Last year, MABISZ Customer Service 428, and by the end of October this year, 517 inquiries had been received concerning damage to uninsured vehicles.

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