Motorways, agreement in the balance. Foreign funds en route to the government. rumors

Highways, skip everything? No, not yet at least. But the agreement for the entry into force of the state in the Benetton-controlled company, after the agreement of mid-July, hangs in the balance. In fact, many foreign funds in the capital do not seem to appreciate the scheme that provides for a capital increase with which to allocate 33% of Aspi to Cdp, to then focus on the IPO. Among them, writes the Print, the British Tci fund, which manages assets for 35 billion. In short, there is irritation, writes the Turin newspaper. A context that can open, paradoxically, to a future return to the Benettons’ equity capital, through Edizione.

A few days ago, as reported by Business, citing indiscretions of Republic, Christopher Hohn, one of the best known and influential Anglo-Saxon managers who through the English fund Tci manages about 35 billion dollars of investments had closed to investments in Italy, burned by the Autostrade affair and the abandonment obligation imposed on the Benettons. “We will not put more money in Italy if the confidence of the markets in the Italian legal system is not restored. Atlantia was forced to choose between the sale of Aspi’s participation in Cdp or the illegitimate revocation of the concession, which would have resulted in the need to face long and uncertain litigation to contest the measure. This procedure is in clear contrast with the principles of the Constitution and EU law “.