Mountain biking – Worlds – Greg Minnaar titled in downhill at 39, Coulanges 2nd

A few hours after the French title Myriam Nicole, it’s Greg Lover who was crowned this Sunday afternoon world champion in downhill mountain biking. At 39, the South African won his fourth iridescent jersey, 18 years after the first! French Benoit Coulanges took second place and the Australian Troy Brosnan meanwhile won the bronze medal. Long awaited, the French – except Benoit Coulanges – weren’t as brilliant as we hoped. Loris Vergier, European champion two weeks ago, and Loïc Bruni, four-time world champion, finished fourth and sixth respectively, while Thibaut Daprela, world number one, finished in the depths of the standings.


1. Greg Minnaar (South Africa) in 3’28’963

2. Benoît Coulanges (France) at 0 “227

3. Troy Brosnan (Australia) at 0’441

4. Loris Vergier (France) at 1 “166

5. Danny Hart (Great Britain) at 1,850

6. Loïc Bruni (France) at 2’971

7. Matt Walker (Great Britain) at 3 “159

8. David Trummer (Austria) at 3’160

9. Finn Islands (Canada) at 4.389

10. Luca Shaw (USA) at 4’934



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