Mourad Boudjellal is ironic about the possible return of Mathieu Bastareaud to Toulon

In its Monday edition, the Midi Olympique informs us that Mathieu Bastareaud could make his comeback to Rugby Club Toulonnais next summer.

The current third center line of LOU Rugby could return to the RCT, not as a player but as a coach of the XV de la Rade Crabos.

In his column “Mourad de Toulon” broadcast on Rugbyrama, the former president of the Rugby Club Toulonnais, Mourad Boudjellal joked around this possible return of Mathieu Bastareaud. Extract:

“We learned this week that Toulon plans to bring Mathieu Bastareaud back to train young people. And I don’t think that’s a good idea. If we look at the videos of Mathieu Bastareaud, there is a position dedicated to him: Mathieu Bastareaud must be the coach of the game at the foot of the RCT. He would be the ideal coach. Mathieu Bastareaud’s kicking game is in everyone’s memory.

Afterwards, we joke about his kicking game, but it’s just a matter of rules. If we had decided that to hit a drop and score three points the ball had to go below and not above the bar, Mathieu Bastareaud would have scored a lot of points with drops. »