Mourning in Barquisimeto for the death of Monsignor Diego Alvarado

The news of death of Monsignor Diego Alvarado, the morning of this Sunday, June 27, has caused deep sorrow in the Larense parishioners that he knew closely the apostolic work that he developed throughout his life.

Despite all the medical efforts, COVID-19 killed the life of Monsignor Diego Alvarado, a man dedicated for 45 years to priestly service and a defender of democratic values. The information was confirmed in a mourning note from the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto and Monsignor Víctor Hugo Basabe, who shared with his reflections on this painful farewell.

“In the first place, the death of Monsignor Diego Alvarado is a great loss for the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto, a man of God who gave his life for the Church of Barquisimeto. Monsignor Diego gave himself to this ministry from a very young age, almost until the last days of his life ”.

One of his favorite parishes was The Coromoto where he performed a service of love for his neighbor, with special attention to seriously ill patients confined at the Antonio María Pineda Central Hospital.

In recent years, he accompanied the Cristo Rey Parish.

A call to conscience

The death of Monsignor Diego Alvarado speaks to us of the need to take care of ourselves, said Monsignor Basabe. “We have to be responsible with ourselves and with others. We are reaching very high levels of contagion and even more so with the new variants of the coronavirus that are much more aggressive ”.

In this context, the highest ecclesial authority in Barquisimeto called on the authorities to massify the Vaccination Plan to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the population. “It is time to join forces for the benefit of the people. There are many brothers suffering and dying from the virus. Every day we receive news of the collapse of the health system and to this is added the problem of oxygen. These are moments of reflection, of thinking about our neighbor, of doing the greatest good that we can ”.

Monsignor Basabe mentioned that there are several priests who are suffering from the coronavirus. That is why he urged priests and parishioners to take extreme measures of biosecurity. “It is time to be prudent, to take care of ourselves and others. In the Church we have made every effort, but what good is it when the majority disrespect biosecurity measures? ”

To reflect on this reality, Monsignor Basabe reported that the ecclesiastical authorities of the entity will meet to determine actions to protect both priests and parishioners from the pandemic. “The call is to take care of ourselves, to become aware of this virus that is lethal and that continues to cause so much pain in our families,” said Monsignor.