Mouth caps are allowed to go almost everywhere in the Netherlands but not in Belgium and Spain

MADRID – The Netherlands will relax practically all corona measures on Saturday, June 26, and one of them is the obligation to wear a mouth cap if the one and a half meters is maintained. In practice, it means that a mouth cap will almost never be worn again, something that is far from the case in Spain, where wearing a mouth cap in the open air if there is 1.5 meters of social distance is no longer applicable. June 26, but not yet in all other cases.

Dutch and Belgians who are going on holiday to Spain this summer should take into account that in Spain wearing a mouth cap is still mandatory in practically all places such as in shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants if one does not drink or eat, in the public transport, passenger transport and even on the beach when you are on the move or are together with non-cohabitants.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands from Saturday 26 June A mask for everyone from 13 years old is only mandatory in public transport, passenger transport, at stations (including platforms and stops), airports, on the plane and in secondary education. From June 26, the mouth cap obligation will only apply in places where it is not always possible to keep 1.5 meters away. Fines of 95 euros can be given.


In Belgium it is from Sunday 27 June still mandatory for everyone from 13 years old to wear a mouth cap to wear in shops, shopping centers, shopping streets, supermarkets, markets, fairs, flea markets, fairs, catering, except during food and drinks, at gatherings and demonstrations, regardless of whether the one and a half meters can be maintained, in public transport also if you have a station, platform or enters a stop, passenger transport, contact professions and always if the 1,5 meters away cannot be maintained.


From Saturday 26 June There has been one relaxation for the mouth cap obligation in Spain. From June 26, you are no longer obliged to wear a mouth cap in the open air if the one and a half meters can be maintained. If this is not the case, a mouth cap must be worn.

It is not mandatory to always have a mouth cap with you when you are outdoors, but if you go inside somewhere or there are gatherings and the 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, you must wear a mouth cap. Not having a ‘mascarilla’ with you can result in a fine of 100 euros. It is therefore wise to always have a mouth cap with you.

Written in us before ITEMS We have explained in detail when and where you should or should not wear a mouth cap in Spain from Saturday 26 June, something that applies to all residents of Spain but also visitors such as Dutch and Belgians who go on holiday to Spain this summer.

The (mandatory) wearing of a mouth cap still applies in Spain, just like in the Netherlands and Belgium, for fully vaccinated people, no distinction is made yet. When you wear a face mask, you mainly protect the people around you. If they wear a mask, they protect you.

In Spain, just like in the Netherlands and Belgium, there is an exception for the mask obligation for people with a (visible or invisible) disability or illness. In Spain, however, there is no national declaration that can be completed, as in the Netherlands.