Moved by the images of his first ultrasound!


Like Jessica Thivenin, Nabilla Benattia will discover the joys of motherhood for the first time.

"There is the backlash to realize, to say that here, we will become a mother, it will not be like before … We are very happy but on one side we are afraid, it's normal … There is a new life that will begin and I will have to be even more responsible and there is also the fear of not being up to it … So it's a little complicated ", she said, a little stressed on Snapchat. But if her life will change and the idea of ​​raising a child can make her "afraid", the young woman can count on her family and especially on her future husband, Thomas Vergara. "From the first look I knew it was you, in six months we will be 3, I do not realize yet … I am so moved and so happy. Thank you life for giving us the chance to become parents. I love you more than anything in the world my love", she wrote on Instagram.

This Tuesday, April 23, the former reality TV star published a story about the social network in which we see it lying when she discovers the first images of her baby moving through an ultrasound. "omg, I'm happy"A simply moving moment for the future mother!

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