MP gives details of the luminol tests to identify traces of blood in the house of the Chamalé brothers

The Femicide Prosecutor’s Office inspected this Friday, January 20, the home of the Chamalé brothers accused of the death of 7-year-old Génesis Ixcajop.

The experts remained for several hours inside the building located in one of the alleys of the La Selva neighborhood, in Ciudad Peronia, zone 8 of Villa Nueva.

One of the procedures that the researchers performed was the luminol test to identify traces of blood. The forensic studies were carried out in the rooms of the Chamalé brothers’ house, where the girl’s body was found half buried in the backyard.

The prosecutors seek to obtain more evidence within the three-month period set by the judge so that the prosecutor’s office develops the investigation, prior to the intermediate stage of the judicial process against the three alleged perpetrators.

The house of Luis, Jairo and Edwin Chamalé is still closed, with the distinctive yellow tapes. The property is located 40 meters from the home of the Genesis family.

Génesis Ixcajop was reported missing on the afternoon of January 1, 2023. Four hours later she was found lifeless after a search undertaken by her family together with their neighbors.

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The traces of the case estimated by the prosecution

Femicide prosecutors are looking for more evidence and even extended the investigation to the family of the murdered minor.

There are witness accounts that locate Jairo Chamalé talking with the girl Genesis at noon on January 1.

At the first statement hearing, the Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that there were indications of sexual assault. The National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) carried out an evaluation of the minor and delivered the results to the MP, but the investigators seek to determine where the girl’s aggression occurred.

The question so far is whether Genesis died inside the house or not, and whether one of the Chamalé brothers or other people participated. The MP gave details of the luminol tests that were performed in the house of the Chamalé brothers to identify traces of blood.

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The main suspect so far is Jairo, who told the judge that he had the girl’s body in his hands, but denied having killed her.

According to the statement that the defendant made at the first statement hearing, he acted under threats and indicated that the girl’s father would be involved.

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