MPs prohibit FSB officers from divulging professional secrets

State Duma deputies Vasily Piskarev and Dmitry Vyatkin submitted a bill to parliament that prohibits employees and veterans of the Federal Security Service (FSB) from disclosing professional secrets about its activities.

The authors of the bill include information the professional secrecy of the FSB bodies, the disclosure of which “could pose a threat to the FSB’s own security and / or damage their reputation”. It is clarified that we are not talking about state secrets or official information for limited distribution.

“Information materials prepared for open publication regarding the activities of security agencies will be subject to expert assessment by security agencies, which will examine these materials for the presence or absence of this information and present the author with an appropriate conclusion,” the explanatory note (.pdf) says.

Without permission from the FSB leadership, the publication of such materials will be prohibited. “The list of such information, as well as the procedure for the examination (assessment) of these materials for the presence (absence) of relevant information in them will be determined by the head of the federal executive body in the field of security,” the authors of the bill write.


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