MPs to consider asylum bill focused on repression

MPs to consider asylum bill focused on repression

This project, which the Ministry of the Interior describes as “balanced”, is unanimously denounced by industry players. 1,110 amendments were tabled for discussion in the National Assembly.
The world | 16.04.2018 at 06:35 • Updated 16.04.2018 at 07:40 | By Maryline Baumard

Fewer refugees, more evicted … The bill that was to arrive at the National Assembly on Monday, April 16, barely exceeds these two lines of force. Although baptized “For a controlled immigration, an effective right of asylum and a successful integration”, he marries mainly deterrence and repression over his 41 articles, neglecting for the moment the integration component.
The passage in the commission of laws from April 3 to 6 has certainly softened the copy of the Minister of the Interior on retention, with a doubling of its duration against the tripling desired by Gérard Collomb. Despite 901 amendments tabled, this is the major change in the government text because, in the opinion of several Members, “The Ministry of the Interior has become tense about its version” and “Mr. Collomb puts his head in the balance if we touch a comma”.
Also, the 1,110 new amendments tabled for the debate in session should not change the nature of the text. In a group meeting on Tuesday, April 10, the boss of the majority in the assembly, Richard Ferrand, threatened to exclude elected officials who do not abide by the discipline of the group. A threat that did not prevent the MP from Maine-et-Loire Matthieu Orphelin announce his refusal to vote. Others, playing a less frontal strategy, could have gone on vacation at the time of the vote, scheduled for the night from Friday to Saturday.

This project, which the Ministry of the Interior describes as ‘Balanced’ , is unanimously denounced by the actors of the sector. Lawyers, judges, asylum staff (both of the National Court of Asylum and the French Office for Refugees and Stateless Persons), but also the Defender of Rights Jacques Toubon, the General Controller of the places of deprivation of freedom Adeline Hazan, there read a drastic limitation of the rights of foreigners in France. Even the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights has indicated his opposition … …

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