Mr. Cherfa chairs a national seminar for employment directors and local labor inspectors

ALGIERS- The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Youcef Cherfa, chaired, on Saturday in Algiers, the work of a national seminar of directors of employment, local labor inspectors and heads of local branches, devoted to the evaluation of the achievements made in terms of professional and social integration, and the operation relating to unemployment benefits at local and central level during the 1st quarter of 2022.

On this occasion, Mr. Cherfa referred to issues related to the means to be gathered to ensure the success of the operation relating to unemployment benefits and access to data related to the employment sector and local issues, and this, with the aim of setting up a “transparent” roadmap on the creation or renewal of employment positions, in addition to the completion of the professional integration file, whether in the administration or the sector public or private economy at the end of 2022.

Addressing the issue of unemployment benefit, a new measure instituted by the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the Minister specified that the number of beneficiaries of this benefit amounted to “more than 1,150,000 beneficiaries” out of a total of 1,600,000 requests, and this, since last February 24, adding that “90% of the requests have been taken care of, and the dates of their reception have been fixed”.

Emphasizing that the processing of the files of applicants for unemployment benefits made it possible to learn about the “manpower potential” available to Algeria and the way to create jobs, the first person in charge of the sector estimated that the success of the operation required “more effort in the future in order to get a clearer picture”.

With regard to the file of professional integration in the administration and the economic sector, Mr. Cherfa specified that the employment sector is committed to supporting the process of unification of all the mechanisms for creating companies, and to merge the implementing texts relating to the National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship “ANADE” and the National Agency for the Management of Microcredit (ANGEM) into a single employment mechanism .

In the same context, he discussed the achievements in the field of employment accomplished in the southern wilayas, inviting the directors to use “transparent and fair methods” in the processing of files, while emphasizing that the recruitment of foreigners must go through “an investigation”.

Returning to the socio-professional integration schemes, the Minister highlighted the importance of thinking about “the appropriate way to definitively close the file for the integration of those concerned by the aid schemes this year instead of 2023 as planned. initially”.

The social integration aid system, which was under the supervision of National Solidarity before being entrusted to the Ministry of Labor with the aim of eliminating precarious jobs, has “180,000 registered persons who were to be integrated before the end of the current year, but it was decided to reduce this delay by putting in place a system aimed at providing jobs”, maintained Mr. Cherfa.

In terms of employer-employee relations, the minister said that his department “will be reinforced by a new framework law on trade union activity and freedom, “which will soon be presented to the government”.

The new text of the law will constitute a break with law 90-14 previously governing trade union action, and will therefore guarantee “more openness and freedom, but subsequently, more responsibility for trade unionists in terms of alternation and financial control of workers’ contributions”, he concluded.