MR: Denis Ducarme moves to Charleroi to face Paul Magnette

The deputy MR and ex-presidential candidate facing Georges-Louis Bouchez announces his arrival in the metropolis carolo.

CIt comes as no surprise: for a few months now, we have known that Denis Ducarme was considering moving to Charleroi, or even preparing for it. It is now official: in Sudpresse this weekend, the deputy MR and ex-presidential candidate against Georges-Louis Bouchez announces his arrival in the metropolis carolo. With three priority angles of attack: the independent, security and social. The Minister for the Independents in the previous federal government explains that he discussed it a lot with the blues of the region, such as Nicolas Tzanetatos, Caroline Taquin, Olivier Chastel or Thomas Salden. And to have “been able to convince his companion to take the plunge”. The couple will move to the lower town in October.

And the idea is obviously also to dare the direct confrontation with the burgomaster of Charleroi and president of the PS, Paul Magnette, perhaps on the mode of the open rivalry which opposed Bouchez and Elio Di Rupo to Mons. “For voters in Charleroi, the ballot cannot be limited to a choice between the PTB and the PS, accompanied by its small satellites that are currently Ecolo and the CDH. Charleroi does not belong to Paul Magnette and we are going to rebuild an alternative ”, explains Denis Ducarme. Who adds: “The socialists have managed this city for decades and the social record, precisely, remains catastrophic. The employment rate is below the Walloon average, the unemployment rate above. Life expectancy is shorter there than elsewhere… PS recipes do not work, this can also be seen in Mons or Liège. The liberal still denounces the security problems and the “lack of interest of the power in place for the independents”. And concludes: “Paul Magnette hates liberalism, and therefore the MR. (…) If the Carolos want an alternative to the dependency proposed by the PS, we are here. “

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This is in line with the words of its party president, who thus justifies the move of Denis Ducarme to Charleroi: “This is one of the first parameters of the strengthening of the MR in large cities. I have every confidence in him to deploy a clear line against the recipes of the PS that do not work. “