mr. Frank Visser Makes Statement: Wim threatens kitchen farmer

Today it is the turn of 62-year-old Wim and kitchen farmer Rinus mr. Frank Visser Makes Statement. Wim has completely converted his bungalow in Hoogeveen to his taste in the past year. At least, everything except the brand new designer kitchen. However, how he envisioned his dream kitchen was not how it turned out in reality. But Rinus thinks he has sold Wim a fine kitchen. The two can’t figure it out and switch mr. Frank Visser Makes Statement in.

“I always do my best 200 percent to satisfy the customer, but this customer cannot be satisfied,” says kitchen farmer Rinus. “No matter how you do it, nothing is right.” Both sides are done with the discussion and want a resolution so they can close it for good. According to Wim, the kitchen is the ugliest part of the whole house. “We wanted a lot of space and what we got: little space and small drawers,” explains Wim. The spice canisters he uses don’t fit in the drawers. In addition, some skirting boards are loose and the color of the kitchen worktop is not correct. “But don’t you think: you were there yourself when you bought the kitchen, right? And the seller can’t help it that you buy too small drawers,” tweets a viewer of mr. Frank Visser Makes Statement.

Wim threatens kitchen farmer Rinus

The kitchen is an important place in the house for many: you cook there, drink a cup of coffee and it is the place to discuss your day during dinner. For Wim, however, it is an “thorn in the eye.” The brand new kitchen cost him 10,000 euros and that is a high amount for something that annoys you to death. Both would not have sold and bought the kitchen if they could turn back time.

The two can’t agree, so it’s time to team up with Mr. Frank Visser to come to a decision. Viktor, the presenter of the program, asks Wim what he would like most. “I would like a whole new kitchen, which is paid for by third parties and Mr. Rinus,” says Wim. The kitchen farmer wants Wim to remove and rectify all negative reviews he has spread online. Wim is not alone nasty reviews left, but he also threatened Rinus.

Outcome in Mr Frank Visser Does Statement

The kitchen farmer has recorded a telephone conversation between Wim and himself. In it you will hear that Wim threatens him: “I know where to find you god damn it.” Wim gives in during the court session mr. Frank Visser Makes Statement admit that he said these words. “He gets the blood from under my nails,” says Wim. Visser decides that Wim must remove the negative reviews about Rinus and his company within 48 hours, otherwise he will receive a fine of 5,000 euros. In addition, he will not get a new kitchen and Rinus must have the completed kitchen completed within six weeks by another mechanic employed. In addition to removing the comments, Wim also has to pay Rinus 116.69 euros for a back cover.

Some viewers stand behind the kitchen farmer. They think that Wim did not work properly and think the negative messages and the threat go too far. Wim had never seen the kitchen before installing it. “Buying without watching is a different program, dude,” tweeted one viewer. They think that Wim is wrong in this situation.

Look here the whole episode from mr. Frank Visser Makes Statement.

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mr. Frank Visser Does not please viewers about threatening Wim: ‘You are really wrong’

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