“Mr. president, it does not belong to the Elysée to choose journalists “

“Mr. president, it does not belong to the Elysée to choose journalists “

OPEN LETTER. You make tomorrow your first trip as head of State, Mali. Before your take-off, we wish to convey to you our concerns regarding the organization of presidential communication that is being put in place for your function.

For reasons of space or security, we understand the need to build pools of reporters – sometimes, and on the condition that all editors will have access to it according to a rotation established. On the other hand, it does not belong in any way to the Elysée to choose those of us who have the right or not to cover a shift, regardless of the theme (defense, diplomacy, economy, education, social, etc.). This is not the president of the Republic, or to its services, to decide the inner workings of newsrooms, the choice of their treatment and their looks. This choice raises the directions of editors and journalists who compose it, whether they are permanent or freelance, JRI or reporters, photographers or cartoonists.

None of your predecessors has given this kind of system, in the name of respect for freedom of the press. While distrust weighs more and more on the information, choose the one who will give an account of your trips adds to the confusion between communication and journalism, and undermines democracy.

First signatories :

the societies of The journalists of the AFP, BFM TV, Europe 1, Le Figaro, France Info, France Inter, Liberation, JT M6, Mediapart, The World, Le Parisien, The Point, RFI, RMC, Télérama, TF1

Jean-Philippe Baille, editorial director of RTL

Christophe Deloire, secretary-general of Reporters without borders

Guillaume Dubois, director of The Express

Johan Hufnagel, director of the editions of Liberation

Luc Bronner, editor in chief of the World

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