Home Health Ms. Top Trump official cheers return from measles / Boing Boing

Ms. Top Trump official cheers return from measles / Boing Boing

"Bring back our #clinical illnesses." Pooh.

Darla Shine is a former producer of Fox News and the wife of Bill White, Deputy Chief of Staff. This morning, Darla did a dangerously ill-informed Twitter rant about the recent measles outbreaks in Washington and Oregon.

Darla is a particularly vile job. When her husband joined the Trump administration, she put out hundreds of tweets, many of them complaining that they can not use the n-word while singing along to rip music. It also defended the Confederate flag, attacked Muslims, defended racists, attacked black athletes, etc., etc. In other words, the exact type of person from whom you should seek medical advice.

So there you are. Get measles to own the libs!

(Photo: US Air Force / 1st class pilot Matthew Lotz)

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