MSMEs consolidate: Los Navarro, a solution to plastic in the blood

CAMAGÜEY.-Perhaps you have bought some of the productions that come out of Diosdado Navarro Ramírez’s workshop, mainly water faucets, Russian washing machine propellers and milk strainers. He was self-employed until it just became a small company, made up of a single partner, upon its approval by the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the inscription in the pertinent registries.

In addition to the usual productions, Los Navarro intends to make the parts for irrigation machines that agriculture needs, most of them imported today. That is precisely why it was among the first MSMEs approved by the country.

“Since I was a child I started melting plastic and I liked it, but five years ago I did a workshop and took it on as something professional. Now that I have been approved as a company, I have the legal framework to extend my productions and be in better conditions to compete, to acquire machines that allow me to increase the quality and completion of the product.

“I am doing this not only for myself and because the country needs it, I also want to ensure the future for my children, the Navarritos who will be the future of the company and from now on I am linking them to learn.”

Diosdado dreams big, he plans to move his workshop to another location, open new lines and generate more jobs as his business grows, although the issue of locals continues to be the biggest brake faced by these new forms of management today.

“In five years as my own account I have clients from Havana, Villa Clara, Granma, I am inserted in the market beyond Camagüey and that augurs a good future for the small company that arises now, because it does not start from scratch, and for the people knows my products and knows their quality. It will be a continuation of what I have achieved so far ”.

It is up to the Government in all its instances to accompany this process, which should not be seen only as someone’s interest to prosper but as another collective effort to boost the Cuban economy.

Although the MSMEs are not the magic wand that will solve the Cuban economic problems, the new actors do come to be a fundamental complement of the Socialist State Enterprise that, if they are not hindered, will be able to cooperate with the appearance of more offers to satisfy the needs of the Cubans.