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MT Saúde’s doctor ensures that all vaccines are effective and safe

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Vaccination against Covid-19 has raised doubts about the effectiveness of each immunizing agent. To talk about the matter, Mato Grosso Saúde spoke with the pediatrician and pathologist Natasha Slhessarenko, who is accredited to the health plan by the Vida clinic. She ensures that everyone should get any vaccine available at the clinics.

“As for efficacy, all vaccines have high efficiency against severe forms of the disease, so we need to make the population aware of the importance of vaccinating against Covid-19, thus avoiding the severe forms, which are those that can lead to death”, he stressed.

Brazil currently has four vaccines approved for the population: CoronaVac, Astrazeneca, Pfizer and Janssen. There are differences in the effectiveness of each against any form of Covid-19. But, Natasha explains that they are all effective against severe forms. “Above 85% any one of them. So, all are good yes! And which one to take? The one that is available on the day of your vaccination”, emphasizes the doctor.

Check out the interview:

If I’ve already caught the disease, do I still need the vaccine? I no longer have antibodies?

Dr. Natasha Shlhessarenko: Vaccines are not sterilizing, that is, they do not prevent the individual from getting the virus. In this way, the vaccinated person can indeed be infected, but vaccines help so that the symptomatic picture of the disease does not appear or does not progress to the most serious forms or death.

Therefore, even those who have already had the disease and have a certain degree of immunity, should take the vaccine, as it works as a booster in increasing immunity rates, even because, it is not known for how long the person is protected from disease.

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Will vaccination against this virus only take place during the pandemic outbreak or will it be included in the annual vaccination calendar, like the flu vaccination?

Dr. Natasha Shlhessarenko: From what we know of the flu, which is also caused by an airborne virus, vaccination against the coronavirus should be part of the annual calendar. The Covid-19 virus is here to stay. We won’t be able to get rid of it, and it will certainly make it onto the official calendar of annual immunizations. Cases will decrease, but the disease will remain endemic.

Vaccination against influenza is being carried out throughout the national territory. Can everyone get the vaccine or is it recommended to wait for the full vaccination course of the Covid-19 vaccine? Is there a deadline for getting the influenza and coronavirus vaccine?

Dr. Natasha Shlhessarenko: Prefer to do the complete Covid-19 scheme! Complete the Covid-19 regimen and get the flu shot 14 days after the coronavirus regimen is finished. However, if you take Astrazeneca or Pfizer, which have a three-month interval between one dose and another, you can take the flu during this period, of course, respecting these 14 days between vaccinations.

Can we already think about dispensing with the use of masks and other protective measures?

Dr. Natasha Shlhessarenko: Even though vaccination is advancing across the country, it is not yet time to abandon the use of masks.

We can think about this situation when we have at least 70% of the population, or more, with the two doses applied, then we can think about dispensing with the use of masks in open environments, because from that moment on we will have a decrease in the circulation of the virus . For now, the virus circulates a lot because there are many people still unprotected.

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The other protective measures, such as keeping social distance, not crowding, preferring ventilated environments, washing your hands frequently and, at the slightest symptom, isolating yourself, seeing a doctor and taking the exam, continue to apply to everyone.

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