MTC: drivers without serious infractions will be able to revalidate their driver’s license without taking a knowledge test | VIDEO | Brief | Procedures | rmmn | | LIME

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) stressed that if a professional driver needs to revalidate his driver’s licenseyou will no longer have to take the theoretical exam as of Thursday, September 29, as long as you do not have serious or very serious traffic violations on your record.

Through a statement, the MTC indicated that it implemented this provision through Supreme Decree No. 012-2022-MTC, issued on June 28. In the following link you can access the table of infractions that include the aforementioned offenses.

The General Director of Land Transport Authorizations of the MTCFabián Susanibar, specified that this measure applies to both class A (larger vehicles) and class B (motorcycles and mototaxis) professional certificates.

“From now on, carriers that demonstrate a good record and comply with traffic regulations will be able to access this benefit that speeds up the issuance of certificates, which also saves money and timesaid the official MTC.

He stressed that only good drivers who offer cargo or passenger transport services will be able to avail themselves of this benefit.

The MTC recalled that driver’s licenses have a certain validity, so drivers can check if their license has expired on the Driver’s Single Portal:

In case the citizen has his license expired, he must request a revalidation to drive again. This procedure, both in Lima and in the provinces, can be carried out at any time, before or after the expiration of the qualifying title.

With the knowledge test waiver, professional drivers will only have to meet two requirements: You must first take the medical exam at any of the centers authorized by the MTC and then you will have to book the appointment for the delivery of the driver’s license. In Metropolitan Limathey can do it through the web, and if it is in the interior of the country, the procedure is carried out in the regional governments.