MTSS will request a new extension for partial unemployment insurance » Portal Media Públicos

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, announced that he will send a bill to Parliament to extend the partial unemployment insurance for the sectors of Hotels, restaurants and bars, Commerce in general, Transport and storage.

The measure covers some 4,500 employees, which represents approximately half of the workers in the sector, the minister informed at a press conference.

Former Undersecretary of Tourism Benjamín Liberoff recognized the extension of partial insurance for workers in the tourism sector as a good measure, but said it is insufficient. He proposed that it, and the tax benefits provided by the State, be extended until the end of the next Tourism Week.

In June, the Executive Power had requested a new extension of the partial unemployment insurance, which at the time was said to be the last. As a consequence of this, this special unemployment insurance was then extended until September 30, which ended on June 30.

The day before, a report from the MTSS released information on the number of people with unemployment insurance in August. In said month, there were 49,209, of which 40,692 were in total unemployment insurance and 8,517 in partial unemployment insurance.

Information: Mónica de León – Photo: Mauricio Zina/Adhoc Fotos