Mubadala and EQT acquire a global company for critical drug transportation solutions

Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala) and EQTX Fund (EQT Private Equity) announced the acquisition of Invirotainer, the global provider of transportation chain solutions for temperature-sensitive and pharmaceuticals, owned by Senfin & Novo Holdings. The company is worth about 2.8 billion euros.

Envirotainer expands access to medicines, pharmaceuticals and vaccines through safe, reliable and efficient cold chain solutions, which are one of the most climate-friendly sourcing services in the industry.

Expansion acceleration

Both Mubadala and EQT Private Equity seek to support and enhance the growth of the Invirotainer in the next stage, by accelerating the expansion of the company’s business in the Asia-Pacific region, and continuing stable growth in its other core markets, by taking advantage of the company’s approach “EQT Private Equity” at the local community level, and the Mubadala global network.

Safe delivery

The Head of the Life Sciences Unit at Mubadala, Camilla Macapelli-Langel, said that the Invirotainer plays a very important role in the vital health care system, by ensuring the reliable and safe delivery of medicines from pharmaceutical companies to hospitals and clinics, and from there to patients.

She added: “The global presence of Mubadala and EQT will enhance the position and role of Invirotainer as a global provider of temperature-controlled drug transport and pharmaceuticals, and the company, as a market leader, will continue to excel in the field of developments and innovations in this sector. Through the process of future research and development.

growth potential

On his part, Ali Farhani, a partner in the EQT Private Equity advisory team, said: “(Envirotainer) is a global company with great advantages on a large scale, superior operations and leading performance in the sector. Access to life-saving medicines and pharmaceuticals, and provide sustainable solutions characterized by low levels of carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional solutions, and we see that the company has great growth potential, and we look forward, with our partners in (Mubadala), to partnership and cooperation with the current management team, to unleash the company’s potential and capabilities ».