Mubadala UAE: We do not expect a shift in the investment strategy during 2022

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, CEO of Mubadala Investment Company, said that the company does not expect any change in its strategy and investment areas in 2022..

Al Mubarak said at a conference that areas such as renewable energy sources, technology and life sciences would remain key areas for the Abu Dhabi government-owned investment company, according to Reuters.

He expected that there will be strong liquidity worldwide, although the possible increases in interest rates will have repercussions, when the Covid-19 pandemic ends..

Mubadala Investment announced last September that the UAE intends to invest 10 billion pounds ($13.8 billion) in Britain over the next five years, in light of the long-term trade relations between the two countries..

Mubadala stated that investing in the energy transmission, infrastructure, technology and life sciences industries in Britain represents an expansion of the sovereign investment partnership with the UK Investment Office..

Global Foundries assembled GlobalFoundries IncThe main shareholder is Mubadala Investment Company at the end of October 2021; Nearly $2.6 billion in an initial public offering, values ​​the chipmaker’s shares at the upper end of the price range.

The company said that it and Mubadala sold 55 million shares on Wednesday, for $47 per share, after marketing them in a price range between $42 and $47.


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