Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Mueller report is to be released on Thursday, DoJ announces live to US news

No I did not, She only casually characterized it. She talked about discrimination against Muslim Americans. And she only said, after that, it was used as an excuse for much discrimination and for the withdrawal of civil rights. No, I did not take anything with me – I had some problems with some of her other comments, but not – but not with this one. And for the president to – 9/11 occurred in my district. I am very familiar with it. I know a lot – I know people, many people who have suffered from it. I was involved, I was involved in funding small business subsidies for victims of 9/11 for people with small businesses in the region.

The President – he was not a president, but Donald Trump actually received a $ 150,000 grant from the Bush administration. They left him a scholarship of $ 150,000 for small business people for 40 Wall Street, the small 40 Wall Street business. He stole $ 150,000 from a small business owner who could have used him to rehabilitate himself. And that's why we appropriated why I got Congress to invest that money. To use it for his own little business on 40 Wall Street, he has no moral authority to talk about 9/11 at all. "


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