Muhammadiyah Calls Puppet Claws Haram: Gambling Elements Similar to SDSB

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia

Member of the Fatwa Division and Development of Demands for the Central Board of Tarjih and Tajdid (PP) Muhammadiyah Wawan Gunawan Abdul Wahid stated that the claw game doll or illegal claw machine.

“Yes, it’s illegal because there are elements of maysir-his (gambling). Maysir there is an element of luck,” said Wawan when contacted, Thursday (22/9).

“People who buy coins get items for the price of the coins they buy, that’s buying and selling. This is where they buy coins and then play. Some get dolls, some get dolls. no, that’s right. That’s where the gamble is,” he explained.

Even so, according to Wawan, PP Muhammadiyah has not issued a fatwa specifically against this claw puppet game.



However, continued Wawan, the old fatwa that regulates the mode in this puppet claw game already exists. For example, the fatwa for the Social Generous Donations with Prizes (SDSB) or the forecasts that have existed since the New Order era.

“Similar to the issue of puppets, there are several old fatwas. All transactions that have elements maysir-whatever it is called is still illegal. Even if it’s called the Basmallah game, the Subhanallah game, it’s just as haram,” he explained.

“In my opinion, the method is not this time, which has been the same since the New Order government. SDSB, for example, is gambling,” continued Wawan.

Previously, the Purworejo Nahdlatul Ulama (PCNU) Branch Manager stated that the law on the game of puppet claws or claw machine illegal because it contains elements of gambling.

“The law on the game of claw puppets as in the legal description is not allowed or forbidden because it contains elements of gambling, so the law providing it is also forbidden,” as quoted from the Central Java NU website.

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The element of gambling in question is the surrender of property as a comparison of the benefits that will be received. However, the results can be both successful and unsuccessful.

According to PCNU Purworejo, this practice cannot be directed at leasing. Because, players will not follow the game if they know they will fail.

A member of the Problem Formulation Team, KH Romli Hasan, said that the rise of puppet claw games was troubling parents.

Meanwhile, the Nahdlatul Ulama Regional Board (PWNU) of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) at a glance saw the claw machine game containing elements of maysir aka gambling.

The chairman of the Tanfidziyah PWNU DIY KH Dr Ahmad Zuhdi Muhdlor said that apart from gambling, the element of exploitation was also found in this puppet claw game.

“Although I’m not very clear about the game, at first glance I can see that there is gambling (speculation) there. Likewise, there is exploitation because without any effort, one party will take the other party’s money,” said Ahmad via WhatsApp message.

If maysir that is indeed there, then for Ahmad it is clear that the game is forbidden to play. However, according to Ahmad, to prove it there needs to be a more in-depth study.


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