Mühlheim: manhole cover thrown onto the road – six cars damaged

Icon image (Photo: Pixabay)

After a dangerous intervention in road traffic late yesterday evening (22nd), around 11:10 p.m., on the federal highway 448, at least six cars were damaged. Fortunately, there was no accident and the drivers were unharmed.

Unknown persons had thrown two manhole covers over the parapet onto the B 448 from the pedestrian bridge (Würzburger Straße/Lämmerspieler Weg), and the impact had already damaged the road surface. The cars drove over the bars in the dark, damaging the tires and wheel rims and partially the body and underbody. The police estimate the damage at a good 70,000 euros.

The police in Offenbach are asking for information on 069/8098-5100.

(Text: PM Police Southeast Hesse)