MUI: I hope Unilever is aware

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As a large company, Unilever should be wiser in taking a stand.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Chair of the MUI Economic Commission, Azrul Tanjung, asked Unilever to immediately stop their pro LGBT campaigns. The reason is that this campaign has not only caused an antipathy movement in the community, but also a loss for Unilever.

“They are doing business, so just focus on doing business. We also don’t expect Muslim employees at Unilever to leave. We only hope that Unilever’s founders realize that what they support is wrong, “Azrul told Republic, Sunday (28/6).

“We do not wish to damage Unilever’s business, but we appeal to Unilever that LGBT is a disease and must be treated, not supported,” he added.

According to Azrul, as a large company, Unilever should be able to be more wise in taking a stand. He also asked Unilever to change the function of their support funds to help normalize LGBT people.

“I ask Unilever to divert the pro-LGBT campaign funds to treat them (LGBT) so that they realize that they are wrong. That should be done by Unilever, “Azrul said.

“We imagine that this large Unilever supports LGBT with their funds, certainly could endanger the civilization of life, and clearly violates the sunatullah and natural law,” he said.

Therefore, Azrul stressed that he would invite the public to switch to other products if Unilever never stopped their pro LGBT campaign. “I, as the chairman of the MUI economic commission, will invite the public to stop using Unilever products and boycott Unilever,” Azrul stressed.



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