Multilingual reading lesson for children in Turkish and German

Everyone can look forward to a story

The multilingual reading hour will take place on Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 4 p.m
in the library³ in Bingen. Bini reading mouse is of course there, if alternately
read out in Turkish and in German. All children can
look forward to the story of a little badger. At first the badger is not in a good mood
and infects all other animals with his bad mood. It’s a pity
the badger actually planned a celebration for everyone and the others
Animals apparently scared off. Whether we will celebrate together at the end will be decided from June 16
clock read out. All children are cordially invited.
As usual, we ask that you register for the reading hour. This is on site
in the library³ (Basilikastraße 6 in Bingen am Rhein) by phone on 06721 184
644 or by email to [email protected]