Multiplayer mode Ghost of Tsushima Legends and Update 1.1 available

Sony and Sucker Punch have now released Ghost of Tsushima Legends, a cooperative and separate online multiplayer mode that owners of the main game can download for free from the PlayStation Store. In addition, the patch 1.1. available.

This is how you start Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Players can then access the online lobby via the title screen, via the pause menu, by accepting a PSN invitation from a friend or by addressing the new character Gyozen, who can now be found in several locations in Tsushima in the single player campaign. Internet connection and an active PlayStation Plus membership are required to play Legends mode.

What can you expect in Legends?

The new co-op mode, which was inspired by Japanese mythology, offers a completely new gaming experience. “Legends” no longer follows Jin’s journey, but focuses on four warriors, about whom the residents of Tsushima tell as legends in their stories.

In autumn you can get together and slip into the roles of legends in groups of two to four players. Each player can choose from one of four different character classes: samurai, hunter, ronin or assassin. Each class has unique skills that will be revealed in another announcement soon. The missions increase in difficulty and draw on the basics of combat from the single player campaign, but are supplemented with new magical elements that require careful coordination with your partners. Four players can take on the new wave-based survival missions together. As legends, they compete against groups of the toughest opponents Tsushima has to offer, including new Oni enemies with supernatural abilities.

A four-player raid will start shortly after Ghost of Tsushima Legends appear. In this mode, a whole new realm is revealed, in which a brutal and fearsome enemy can be challenged.

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