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Home Health Mum uses her vibrating sex toy to ease her baby's breasts

Mum uses her vibrating sex toy to ease her baby's breasts

A MUM has found an unorthodox method to relieve her baby's blockage – and parents love it.

Facebook page Melons and Cuties share a short piece of a sick baby girl on her front while her mother holds a vibrating sex toy on her back.

The picture was inscribed: "Our client shares her remedy for breast obstruction! Use it on the back of your baby while sitting in a steamy bathroom. Brilliant !!!"

The post has since been shared almost 7,000 times and contains over 16,000 comments from people who are impressed and amused by the hack.

One wrote: "HILARIOUS !!! But also a brilliant depiction of how motherhood has to make you resourceful, lol REAL LIFE".

One mother agreed, "Just because something has a sexual purpose does not mean it's the only thing it's good for, it's the same logic for people.

    Cocoa-containing medications proved to be more effective than standard treatments


Cocoa-containing medications proved to be more effective than standard treatments

"Having a sick child can be hellish. For good reason, I say whatever works. "

Another joked, "I remember the first time my son found my vibrator, I do not know why I did not think I wanted to tell him that it was for a blockage of the chest."

The method is actually not that unusual. Physicians often use vibration to clean the airways, but with a lower X-rating device.

Melons and Cuties added, "Thank you for supporting (mostly) the comments, and it is good to see that mothers are encouraged to provide things that are good for their wellbeing and not to be ashamed!"

Meanwhile, a professor claims that chocolate is better than syrup to relieve cough.

Professor Alyn Morice, director of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull, and founding member of the International Cough Research Society, says, "Chocolate can calm coughs".

And he claims the evidence is "as solid as a piece of fruit and nut".

It proves that cocoa-containing medicines are better than the standard product.

The study included a direct comparison of 163 patients who reported a "significant improvement" in their symptoms within two days of taking the chocolate-based medicine.

New study finds that cough syrup has dangerous side effects when overgested and recommends giving children home remedies instead



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