A devastated mum has issued a heartbreaking warning asking people to 'stop kissing babies which are not yours' after the cold sore virus at 12 days old.

Presley and Elias Trejo, from Fort Worth, Texas, baby girl Emerson Faye on July 26 but she passed away less than two weeks later after contracting herpes simplex virus.

Mum Presley took her to the other baby.

Emerson Faye died after receiving the 'kiss of death' as ​​the virus is particularly harmful to babies because of their weak immune system.

Emerson Faye was just 12 days old when she died

"It's the HSV-1 virus." It's the herpes simplex virus most commonly known as the cold sore virus or the 'kiss of death' for infants.

"For adults it's not a big deal." But for those with little to no immune system, it's fatal.

"You can not have the virus and you have it."

Presley, who is mum to two boys, went on to describe how the disease slowly attacked her daughter's body.

It continues the brain first. "It continues the brain first.

Presley and Elias Trejo were so happy when Emerson Fay was born on July 26 this year

Devastated Presley told her how to give the kiss of death

Emerson Faye with her two older brothers

The virus attacked Emerson Faye's brain first before her body slowly shut down

It's all in one's mind, and it's all in one's mind. "Emerson's case when we arrive at the hospital, her liver was completely gone.

Everything was failing, My daughter, my own flesh and blood I was created out of love, what on life support and I have to make a living.

"A mother should never have ever had her child." "The virus took her just 12 days old and we watched her a very slow death. And now I have a lifetime without her."

Presley then delivered a strong warning to others.


"I have not heard of it, but I have not heard of it yet." This time, it did. My babies do not have their sister and my husband.

The heartbroken mum is now warning people not to kiss other people's babies

The Trejo family with newborn Emmerson Faye

Presley was devastated at having to 'pull the plug' on her newborn daughter

And now it has come to our very best and happiest ever, but it does not matter much more because of a terrible virus that people need to be more aware of. "

Do you part, stop kissing babies and start washing your hands? These babies do not deserve it. Emerson did not deserve it.

And now we want to live a whole life time of 'what if' I never want to go to kindergarten, graduate high school or college, my husband will never walk down the aisle on her wedding day, I will never see her be a better mother than me.

It's not fair !! I love you Emerson Faye. I want to carry on your name and love forever infant."

The herpes simplex virus causes painful blisters on the mouth or genitals, and is a chronic, long-term condition.

There are two types of the virus, HSV 1 and HSV 2 and both types can cause cold sores on the mouth, genital herpes, and whitlows (small abscesses) on the fingers and hands.

Neonatal herpes is extremely dangerous for young babies, because their immune systems have not fully developed to fight off the virus.

Neonatal herpes is extremely dangerous for young babies

Warning symptoms in your baby are:

Lacking energy and being more sleepy than usual

Stop feeding


Have a high temperature

Have a high pitched cry

Have trouble or start grunting

Breath rapidly

Have a blue tongue



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