Munich: bank robbery at the main station – Police summarize perpetrators – new details


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Bank robbery on Tuesday evening near the Munich central station – the perpetrator was initially on the run. He was caught on Wednesday morning. Now there are new details

12:20: A bank robbery near Munich Central Station on Tuesday evening caused a large-scale deployment of the police. Now new details have been released. As the police say on Wednesday afternoon, the bank robber entered the store unmasked and went to a cash desk. There were two bank employees. The perpetrator held a carried sports bag in the air. He claimed that this would be a bomb and demanded money. The money was handed out, the man made his escape – but the bank's security cameras had recorded everything.

Bank attacked at Munich Central Station: inspectors of MVG recognized him

A publicity investigation was initiated with the image of the suspect. As a result, ticket inspectors from MVG came forward. They claimed to have controlled the wanted one short time before the act. Therefore, they could name the identity of the accused. But the search for the man was initially unsuccessful.

But on Wednesday morning then the turn. A passenger called the police over the phone because he had recognized the suspect in a S-Bahn S8 train.

suspected arrested after bank robbery at Munich Central Station

The 28-year-old, who lives in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, was arrested at the Donnersberger bridge. He was reportedly still wearing the same clothes as the day before during the robbery. He also carried the sports bag with him, in which large parts of the prey could be secured. A bomb was not in the bag. The man will now be presented to the investigating judge.

Bank robbery at Munich Central Station: police have arrested suspects

10 O `clock: A suspect was detected around 5:30 am in a direction inbound S-Bahn. A witness then alerted the police. The man was arrested at 5:35 at the Donnersberger Bridge S-Bahn station. According to police, it is a 28-year-old German citizen from the district Fürstenfeldbruck.

Update from May 15, 2019, 8:17 am: As the police just announced, the bank robber was caught on Wednesday morning in a S-Bahn.

Bank robbery at the main station: He threatened with bomb – culprit on the run, photo published

Munich – A bank robbery was committed in broad daylight on a branch of the Sparda Bank in the Arnulfstraße, not far from the Munich main station. As the police say, on Tuesday evening at 17.45 clock a previously unknown perpetrator has captured more than 10,000 euros and then escape. Police around the main station and circling helicopters were shown.

According to the information, the man had demanded the release of the money wordlessly by means of a note – on this he allegedly threatened with a carried bomb. After handing over the booty, the man disappeared on foot. According to the current state of knowledge of the investigators, the perpetrator was not armed.

Bank robbery near Munich Central Station: 45 strips and helicopters were looking for culprits

Despite a large-scale search – 45 patrol car crews and a police helicopter were in action – the man initially could not be found. The "targeted manhunt" had ended unsuccessfully at 19:20 clock, the police headquarters Munich announced.

Helicopter in action after a bank robbery in Arnulfstraße

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Munich: bank robbery in the Arnulfstraße – This is the perpetrator description

The perpetrator is described by the investigators as about 25 to 30 years old, also have the alleged perpetrators black hair, a dark beard and "Arab look". He was dressed in a baseball cap, black leather jacket, dark trousers and white sneakers and carried a light green to beige bag with him.

The police are now hoping for evidence a population. Witnesses who have noticed a suspected person in the Arnulfstraße or the surrounding area, can contact the police Munich or any other police department at the telephone number 089 / 2910-0.



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