Munich: Maximilian Schell’s documentary “Marlene” in the ABC Kino – Munich

Marlene Dietrich died in Paris in May 1992. But she had long since disappeared from the world stage: in the mid-1970s she retired to her apartment on Avenue Montaigne, her phone was the only contact with the outside world. Only Maximilian Schell, with whom she played in “The Judgment of Nuremberg” in 1961, was able to persuade her to make another film. With one condition: the film icon no longer wanted to appear in front of the camera, only her voice should be heard. “I’ve been photographed to death,” she said. Schell agreed to it, and the result was an extraordinary documentary that will now be shown as part of the Kulturforum.

Marlene, D 1984, directed by Maximilian Schell, Wed., Nov. 24, 7.15 p.m., ABC Kino, Herzogstr. 1a,


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