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When Toni Netzle told about all the stories and myths from the past, she usually smiled a little. Her memories were unique, sometimes hard to believe, a long time ago. Netzle, who died on Wednesday at the age of 91, was one of the first and most famous celebrity hosts in Munich. In 1960 she took over the Alte Simpl in Türkenstrasse, where she shaped Munich’s nightlife and society for three decades.

At her place in Simpl, Bernd Eichinger celebrated his 30th birthday with 300 guests, but he passed out in the course of the evening and had to be transported, Toni Netzle once told me when I met her on her 80th birthday. Brigitte Bardot and Empress Soraya drank here, Duke Ellington played. And in between there was always Toni Netzle, with her warm, but determined manner. She threw Udo Lindenberg out because he wanted to go into the bar on roller skates. Franz Josef Strauss banned them from the house. Others grew dear to her heart. When she talked about the late Rudi Carrell, tears came to her eyes.

Now many Munich residents have tears in their eyes. With her, the city has lost an original host. A few days after Netzle’s death, my colleague Sabine Buchwald spoke to Kay Wörsching, who is also a well-known celebrity host. Hildegrad Kneef and Freddie Mercury met in his Kay’s Bistro on Viktualienmarkt before it closed in 2005. In the conversation, Wörsching recalls Munich from the past (SZ Plus): “At that time, the city was looser, easier, and life was more carefree than anywhere else,” he says.

A few years ago Toni Netzle published the book “Mein Alter Simpl”, in which she tells lovingly and in great detail about her restaurant, her guests and the time. The memories remain


Relaxed with the machine gun in hand A 22-year-old friend incriminates the accused in the trial of the Starnberg triple murder. The suspects are said to have shown no human emotion after the crime.

Ursula Harper stops working as the head of the Greens For health reasons, the city chairwoman will not stand for re-election after only one year at the party congress in November. A new candidate is apparently ready.

Sexually harassed boy on the way to school A man stood next to the 14-year-old several times on the tram and rubbed his hip. He was arrested.

Lion enclosure with underfloor heating The two big cats in the zoo will soon move to a spacious facility including their own house. The shell for the four million euro project is already in place.



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