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The voting operations following the ballot useful for electing the new mayor of Santeramo were concluded during the night.

In the end, as already announced in the night by (which followed all the phases of this electoral campaign), it was Vincenzo Casone (candidate for mayor of the list “With”, Noi di Centro, Democratic Party, Popolari con Casone and Senso Civico) who, with 6,959 votes (60.82%)became the new mayor of Santeramo.

Michela Noccoof the center-right coalition called “Now Santeramo” (We love Santeramo, Orgoglio Santeramo, Santeramo Centro, Civici per Santeramo, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, LEI – Libera Energie Innovative, Innoviamo and Santeramo Popolare), collected 4.481 preferences (equal to 39.18%).

We come to some data starting from the outcome of the first round.

Casone is the candidate who, numbers in hand, has most monetized in this second round.

On 12 June, in fact, the new mayor collected 4,784 preferences. Basically 2,175 more people, compared to the first round, chose the center-left candidate.

Different speech for the candidate Nocco. In fact, in the first round, Michela Nocco collected 4,760 preferences.
Comparing the votes between the two electoral rounds the center-right candidate collected 279 fewer votes.

From the outcome of the ballot, therefore, the new municipal council officially takes shape which, as will be remembered, had already theorized on June 14th.

The majority that will support Casone will be the following:

  • 4 advisers for the list “Popular with Casone” that is to say Doriana Giove, Ada Solimena, Nicola Lanzolla and Fabio Schiavarelli
  • 3 advisers for the list “With Casone” that is to say Nunzio Digregorio, Pino Santoro and Rosanna Lella.
  • 2 advisers for the list “Democratic party” that is to say Camillo Larato and Francesco Tritto
  • 1 adviser for the list “Civic Sense” that is to say Nicola Lovecchio

Equal to the opposition will be composed as follows:

  • 2 advisors for the list “Brothers of Italy” that is to say Debora Gatti and Michele Digregorio
  • 1 advisor for the list “Civic for Santeramo” that is to say Raffaele Maffei
  • il candidate for mayor defeated in the ballot or Michela Nocco
  • Michele D’Ambrosio (unelected candidate for statutory auditor linked to the list list “For the Serene”)
  • Maria Anna Labarile (unelected candidate for statutory auditor linked to the slates “5 Star Movement” e “La Civica “).

This composition (although still to be ratified by the Electoral Commission) arises not only from the outcome of the vote of 12 June but also from the lack of (at least formal) similarities for the ballot.

Both D’Ambrosio (with reference to their own lists “Democrats is Serene” (DèS) and “Santeramo Giusto) and Maria Anna Labarile (exponent of the 5 Star Movement and outgoing deputy mayor) had not given any public indication of voting, leaving, in fact, your electoral free to decide.

Same choice, although not officially declared, for the voters of the candidate of the “VAT”, Scaramuzzi.

On the other hand, the orientation of the Sinistra Riformista for Santeramo (made up of displaced persons from the Italian Left) had been different, which, in a post published on their Facebook page, had hinted widely (although not clearly explicitly stated) their pro-Casone position. .

After the electoral round the toto-junta rages.

From what has been publicly declared, Casone will adopt a purely political criterion (in jargon the famous “Cencelli manual”) in the selection of the members of the team that will support him in the role of mayor.

As per the application of the Tuel (Consolidated Law of Local Authorities) in a municipality like that of Santeramo (over 15 thousand inhabitants), the council in total will have 6 members (mayor + maximum 5 councilors).

The Mayor will appoint the members of the Executive, including a deputy mayor, in compliance with the principle of equal opportunities between women and men, ensuring the presence of both sexes (Article 46, Tuel). In the specific case, neither of the two sexes can be represented to an extent of less than 40%, with arithmetic rounding (art. 1, c. 137, law n. 56/2014). Basically at least 2, as a rule, should be the women present within the municipal executive body.

The proclamation of the elect is now awaited. Only then can the new municipal administration officially begin its government action.

Within 3 days from the proclamation of the elected representatives, the results of the elections will be published on the Municipal Notice Board. Having done this, within 10 days of the proclamation, the new mayor will have to convene the first session of the City Council.

Obviously, only a few hours have passed since the end of the electoral operations and, again, everything is in progress., as always, will follow all the phases of this new page of santermana politics.


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