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Municipal elections 2022 | More than 400 thousand Venezuelans could vote next year | PERU

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In Peru, from 1997, the Law No. 26864 (Municipal Elections Law) provides that foreigners over 18 years of age and with more than two continuous years of residence in the country can register in the Electoral Registry of Resident Foreigners in Peru and have the right to elect and be elected in municipal elections, with the exception of border municipalities.

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On the basis of this device, two weeks ago, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) ordered the opening of said registry, which will be in force from July 4 to October 2 of this year.

In the current situation, considering the great Venezuelan immigration to Peru in recent years, a significant number of resident Venezuelan citizens could participate in the elections that will be held on October 22 of the following year.

In conversation with Peru21, Oscar Perez, president of the Venezuelan Union NGO in Peru, it revealed that approximately 400,000 Venezuelans would be eligible to register and participate in municipal elections.

“At this time, with immigration status of residence for more than 2 years and over 18 years of age, we can say that there are about 400 thousand Venezuelans. If they sign up, they could participate. (…) There are districts that, given the Venezuelan migrant population, this community could define the election of a mayor. There are mayors who have won in their districts with 10 thousand votes or 12 thousand votes. At this time, the Venezuelan population in those districts exceeds that number and now they are in a position to become voters “, he pointed.

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He stressed that this possibility helps to vindicate the neighborhood rights of his compatriots, who suffer the same problems as any Peruvian citizen. “This should be used in a very proactive and positive way. Venezuelans could not only bring problems, but also opportunities, the possibility of contributing to the growth and development of the country, “he said.


About, Jose Manuel Villalobos, an expert lawyer in electoral matters, highlights the importance of providing this neighborhood right to foreigners residing in the country.

“It recognizes the foreigner who lives in Peru and gives him the opportunity to get involved in the public affairs of his community, district or province. The municipal election is understood as a neighborhood election rather than a political one. That is why they are allowed to vote and even be mayors or councilors. This does not apply in congressional or presidential elections, nor does it apply to a referendum “, he specified.

“It does not mean that, automatically, all Venezuelans can vote. The subject is voluntary and they must also prove their immigration status. Historically, since this law has been applied, not many foreigners have signed up. In reality, this right is not widely exercised, as it is not widely spread. With the current political situation, the news has been raised from a negative angle, as if it were dangerous “added.

Villalobos warned that this should not be misused and called on Reniec to avoid swallow votes. “Hopefully there are no cases of clientelism in foreigners who have needs and are ‘bought’ to register and vote for someone. The law would be distorted ”.

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In the same line, Jose Tello, a specialist in electoral issues, also pointed out that there should be a lot of oversight.

“You have to be very careful not to play wicked games, especially in small communities. Imagine that 2,000 Venezuelans appear mysteriously registered in a jurisdiction with 6,000 voters. You have to be careful with the swallow “, he said.


Jorge Luis Arteaga (25) is Venezuelan and lives in San Miguel. You recently learned that you have the opportunity to vote in municipal elections and consider it a “golden” opportunity to give back to your district.

“The problems that I may have, with regard to the streets, the insecurity, are problems that any neighbor, of any nationality, could have. (…) Now I feel that I have a voice and that someone listens to me. I’d like to participate”, he indicated.

Likewise, the young Venezuelan stressed that it is a time to demarcate from his compatriots who come to the country to do harm and provoke wrong stereotypes.

“It is the opportunity for good Venezuelans, the real ones. You don’t have to screw up “, he stated.


-Comas, Los Olivos, San Martín de Porres, San Juan de Lurigancho, Chorrillos, Villa María del Triunfo, Villa El Salvador and San Juan de Miraflores, are the districts of Lima with the highest concentration of Venezuelan citizens residing.

-The Reniec published on June 30 the announcement of the opening of the Electoral Registry of Resident Foreigners in Peru, which runs from July 4 to October 2 of this year.


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